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Unlock the ultimate branding experience with effortless swag solutions that make a lasting impression.

From idea generation to delivery, we remove the hassle, saving you valuable time and resources. Enjoy unparalleled quality and service as we transform your brand's story into memorable, high-impact swag that sets you apart and keeps the town talking.

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Swag Magic (noun):

Swag Magic is the alchemy of turning everyday products into branded assets, complete with your logo, that not only captivate but last a lifetime.

We simplify your swag journey from start to finish. No more stress over quality or logistics; just high-impact, lasting branded items that serve as a long-term investment in your business's success.


Advertisers consider promotional products highly effective.


Millennials look up the company after receiving a promotional product


Believe promotional products contributed to a campaign’s success.


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Your swag journey starts with your imagination. We help turn your branding dreams into actionable ideas that serve as the foundation for premium, unforgettable merchandise.

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More than just your logo—this is swag artistry. Benefit from our in-house design expertise, cutting-edge techniques, and unique treatments that elevate your brand beyond the ordinary.


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Stay in the loop without the stress. Our transparent tracking allows you to monitor your order's progress from concept to completion.

Get ready for the grand reveal! We handle all aspects of delivery, ensuring that your high-quality swag arrives exactly how and when you expect it.

We’ll help you run surveys and get direct feedback on the Swag from everyone that received it. We’ll turn that data into insights that inform future events and swag drops.

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Client Testimonials

The Fairy Swagmother Difference

No Cutting Corners: Quality over cheapness

Creative Approach: Stand-out items

Expert Curation: Brand-enhancing products

Social Buzz: Items that ignite conversation

“I can't thank you enough for the amazing job you did with our company swag. The items you created are top-quality and our clients are loving them. Your attention to detail and level of service are unmatched. We can't wait to work with you again!

Best, Rachel”

”I have worked with Veronica for about 7 years and she has always provided us with great items for our hospital. I highly recommend her!”

”Hi! I just wanted to say how happy everyone is with our order. The items are stunning and the quality is amazing. I was also blown away by how quickly they arrived! You guys really go above and beyond. Thank you so much!”

”OMG! The swag just arrived and it is PERFECT! I can't believe how high-quality everything is! My team is going to be so happy with these thank you SO MUCH!!”

Real Stories from Satisfied Partners

Why Top Brands Choose Us for Their Swag Needs

GOOGLE Case Study

Transforming Google's Swag Game

When Google, a titan of innovation, wanted to elevate their company swag, they chose us for a reason. "Veronica redefined our company swag. Top-quality products, simple ordering, and standout service – she’s our go-to," says John from Google.

We delivered not just products, but a brand experience that aligns with Google's reputation for excellence. The result? Swag that doesn't just sit on a shelf but becomes a talking point, a reflection of quality and creativity that Google is known for. Don't just take our word for it; let our work for Google speak for itself.

CHASE Case Study

How Chase Found Their Go-To for Quality Swag

When David from Chase called us "the best I’ve ever worked with," we knew we had achieved something special.

We don't just produce swag; we create memorable brand experiences. For Chase, a leader in the financial sector, nothing less than exceptional would suffice. And that's exactly what we delivered: exceptional swag that amplifies their brand's essence.

Like Chase, you too can elevate your brand with swag that leaves an impact, thanks to Fairy Swagmother's expertise.


How My Fairy Swagmother Became Facebook’s Go-To for Branding Success

When Facebook says discovering My Fairy Swagmother has been a "game-changer," you know we're doing something right.

They praised not just our high-quality products but also our hassle-free ordering and exceptional customer service.

The end result? Time saved and a brand that makes a genuine impact. My Fairy Swagmother isn't just a vendor for Facebook; we're a committed partner helping them make a real difference in their market.

Shriner's Hospital Case Study

Why Shriner's Hospital Trusts My Fairy Swagmother for Quality and Care

Julia from Shriner's Children's Hospital knows the value of a good experience, both for her team and for her patients.

That's why she appreciates My Fairy Swagmother's easy ordering and hands-on customer service. It's not just about delivering top-notch products; it's about building a relationship that leads to real success and joy for everyone involved.

So when Julia says our swag gets "rave reviews," we know we've achieved our mission: to make your brand matter in a way that feels authentic and effortless.


How we became Coinbase’s go-to swag provider

Alex from Coinbase wasn't just looking for another vendor; he was on the hunt for a reliable partner in quality and service. That's why he's all in on My Fairy Swagmother.

We provide more than just products; we create memorable experiences. With each interaction, we're committed to surpassing expectations and becoming an essential part of your branding toolkit.

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, standing out is crucial, and with My Fairy Swagmother, Coinbase does exactly that.


Why Microsoft Calls Veronica Their Swag MVP

When Jessica from Microsoft needs swag that makes an impact, she turns to Veronica. No gimmicks, no hassle—just great products and stellar service that gets the job done.

In an industry where deadlines are tight and expectations are high, it's critical to have a swag partner you can count on.

That's why Microsoft sticks with us: we deliver on our promises, every single time.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Getting the perfect swag can be challenging. If the end product isn't what you envisioned, reach out to us. We'll make it right, no questions asked—guaranteed.